Bluscript Private Equity is a family-owned private equity firm based in Cardston, Alberta. Our primary focus is supporting high-growth companies as they strive to achieve their goals in line with Christian values. We actively seek out exceptional ideas and visionary entrepreneurs, fostering their potential to establish highly scalable ventures.

We collaborate closely with aspiring founders to unlock their full potential.
We offer high growth investment opportunities that align with Christian values.
What We Do

We invest our time, skills and money into high-growth opportunities, while adhering to Christian principles.


Blue Economy / Health & Wellness / Sustainability / Real Estate  / Ocean Tech / Food Tech / A.I. / Software / Clean Tech

Transaction Types

We have a particular interest in investment opportunities such as Growth Capital Investments, Recapitalizations, and Partnerships.

Target Companies

We look for investment opportunities in companies that have meaningful growth potential, sustainable differentiation or high value proposition. This allows us to focus on businesses with a strong foundation and growth potential, while also aligning with our Christian investment principles.

Timeframe Commitment

As long-term partners, we are committed to supporting our investees in making strategic decisions and investments that will contribute to sustained success beyond our involvement. Our goal is to build businesses that can thrive in the long-term, and we work closely with our partners to achieve this objective.

Ownership & Partnership

Our investment strategy involves taking either majority or influential minority positions in companies, with a preference for those where the founder(s) maintain significant equity interests in the business. This allows us to work closely with the existing management team and nurture their knowledge and expertise, while also providing the resources needed to drive growth and create value for all stakeholders.